this ain't no fooling around.

this ain't no fooling around.

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I love you Annie.

I know that you think you sound silly when you call my name, but I hear it inside my head all day

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some future fliers. he’s not really coming.

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Gonna reblog myself. I had some time in between things yesterday and while walking down 6th avenue I listened to Soul over and over again, and it shook me up. His voice sounds so youthful and also so hopeful, but the lyrics hint at something so much darker. In so many ways it left me with feelings of inadequacy; I feel like my life will never be complete as I’ll never be able to express myself as he does in this song.


Songs:Ohia - Soul

Deep, soulful, gorgeous and, really, heartbreaking. One of Jason Molina’s finest, and maybe saddest, moments, from a new Record Store Day release. What a talent, what a loss.

tell all my friends  that I’m bound for heaven 
and if I ain’t so  you can’t blame me for living 
I know what it’s like and it’s worth this misfortune