this ain't no fooling around.

this ain't no fooling around.

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Emily’s friend Zach’s summer playlist. so gooooood. enjoy

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When someone pronounces a non-English word with an accent


When someone pronounces a non-English word with an accent



My My - Reigning Sound - Shattered

This is a perfect dusty road summer rocker.

I don’t claim to be lucky in love/That don’t stop me from lovin to roll the dice


Capturing the Action at Costa Rica’s Sloth Sanctuary

For more photos and videos from the sloth sanctuary in Costa Rica, browse the #slothsanctuary hashtag and explore the Sloth Sanctuary location page.

On Costa Rica’s eastern coast, some of nature’s slowest mammals call a small refuge home.

The Sloth Sanctuary of Costa Rica has humble beginnings. Couple Judy Avey-Arroyo and Luis Arroyo had an established history of running a privately-owned biological reserve when neighbors brought them an orphaned baby three-toed sloth. Unable to find assistance from local institutions, they took matters into their own hands and raised the sloth, Buttercup, on their own.

Buttercup is now 21 years old, and the Arroyos have been running their home as an authorized sloth rescue center since 1997. The family-run Sloth Sanctuary has rescued and rehabilitated more than 500 sloths to date, nearly 150 of whom are permanent residents.

As the sanctuary continues its efforts to learn from the sloths in rehabilitation and teach the public about them, Instagrammers are increasingly visiting and documenting their time with the sloths through photos and videos.

Interested in helping out? Explore the sanctuary’s website for more information and ways to get involved.

Walking with my headphones in and my jam comes on



Relatively Clean Rivers- Easy Ride by TAKEAMIXORTWO